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Why choosing Ukimart for Chinese Brands Smartphones?

There are thousands ways of offering products and services. Super market like Walmart, Carrefour, Brand Exclusive Shop like ZARA, ONLY, LV. Every way has it’s advantage, disadvantage and running cost. They offer products, shopping environment and ways for different customers. All pricing are determined by the value of product itself, cost of shopping place(physical shop or online shop), cost of value of labour, the brand value, and the profit of seller. Customers will pay for all of them.

Running a online website is a looked-simple but very complex way of selling products. Let’s see why Ukimart could offer original Chinese brands Smartphone with high cost-performance supporting service?

1. English and Spanish

Ukimart is written by the most worldwide language, English and Spanish, and offering these 2 language services before&after sale. It could make customer getting all details without problem. Such as how to make payment, how do we do shipping, how are the services.

2. Two Years or One Year EU Warranty

Ukimart offeres customers 2 Years EU Warranty, why? Cause we consider that all default warranty offered by Chinese Brands Phone are at China, that means customers have to delivery phone from his location to China, and sending it again from China to customer after operation. The needed time&cost of shipping is an unpleasant. In order to offer convenience, we established business relationship with a professional SAT center, you only need to pay little money (USD10/one year,USD20/2years) for this service like buying a insurance, but your will get big benefit, any question, our policy of after-sale and service team will satisfy your needs. 

3. Free Shipping&Free Customs Duty& Free VAT

Ukimart offers free shipping& free customs duty&free VAT service to customer, especially for EU countries such as Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, two ways of free customs duty&VAT is offered, for details, please check:https://www.ukimart.com/shipment. 

4. Located at Shenzhen, Better Sourcing

Ukimart is located at the center of producing and trading smart phone: Shenzhen, China. It could make us communicating with factories directly, timely and fast response to action for new model mobile phones importing, compressing the transportation time to the minimum and delivery them to customer the first time. 

5. Shipping from Shenzhen Comparing to Local Warehouse.

Our phone are delivered from Shenzhen China, there are some shops offer local warehouse service(2-4 days), although the time is shorter(from your order to your reception), you have to pay a lot for this(USD40-150). Why? Because we know there are high cost of local warehouse and labour cost for sending operation. Remember that customers have to pay all cost? We don´t offer local warehouse, so, you don´t need to pay this extra fee. On the other hand, if you´re too busy to reserving time for delivery, we also offer fast delivery service by DHL/UPS/TNT, only cost USD10 for one piece phone. Which one is more reasonable? 

6. Phone Value Keeping Comparing to Local Warehouse

All stock at the local warehouse, his value is decreasing continually, but our Shenzhen warehouse is importing and exporting with high efficiency, every piece phone will not stay at our warehouse for a long time, maximum making sure that the value of phone your phone is matching his marking value.


Offering customer with satisfied experience of shipping, enhancing the viscosity between customer and Ukimart is our final goal. Low cost of product, warehousing, labour at China, Local EU after sale service, reasonable shipping way, all these factors make a highly cost effective combination: Ukimart ! 

Welcome communication anytime, I am Eva from Ukimart: email: contact@ukimart.com, thank you very much!