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1> Before Delivery The delivery of product parcel will be processed within 24 hours of the order.

If refund request is received before delivery, there is no fee charged, refund will be processed immediately.

2> Within 7 Days Without Any Reason Dated Signing Reception.

Without any reason, if you wanna return the product back to us within 7 days dated from signing day, please contact us for refund. Please make sure that all the package, accessories, invoice are completely perfect as them came. The 90% payment of product will be transferred to your Paypal within 7 business days after reception of the return products. Customers will be responsible for the around-trip freight (the first going freight from our office to your location will be deducted when refunding, the second coming freight from your location to our office will be prepaid, freight collect is not acceptable)

3> Within 7 Days With Nature Problem Dated Signing Reception.

If natural problem of the products within 7 days dated from the signing day happened unfortunately, please describe the problem to our after-sale service team, after our reception of return products, refund will be processed to you within 5 working days without deducting freight from our office to your location. And please do freight prepaid for the delivery from your location to our office.

4> Not Available 7 Days After Signing Reception

Refund service is closed 7 days after signing reception, any problem of the product, please describe us and we will offer 12 months or 24 months guarantee for you.