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Privacy Policy

For browsing only, there is No need to register as a Ukimart Member. Personal information are collected once any order is processed or other services are needed, such as ‘Save for Later’, ‘Address Book’. Etc.

UkiMart will never sell, public or share your personal information with any other third parties unless:

1>We got your approval for special reason.

2>In special case which we believe that the disclosure is required to avoid damage to your interests, such as product recalls, fraud, claims or other liability.

3>We have to offer them to government to comply with valid legal processes (subpoenas, warrants) .

4>Any process required by law.

Why do we collect your personal information?

We run our business, selling products on our website: UkiMart.com. In order to easier the management of customers, orders and delivery of parcels, some relevant information which are needed to fulfill the order will be collected, such as name and delivery address.

What personal information will be collected?

1>Email address: every customer offers us an email address, which is the ID number on UkiMart.com

2>Passwords: please create private passwords to login our website, all your information including order history, browse history, buying cart will be protected by this passwords. It could be reset in case of forgotten.

2>First name and Last name: Easier for us to contact you in need.

3>Delivery address: It’s for delivering the product to you. It doesn’t matter if the destination of your order is not same as this registered one. Please fulfill the address of consignee when placing the order.

4>Telephone number: It’s for delivering the product to you. If the consignee of order is not same as this registered one, it’s OK. Please fulfill the telephone number of consignee when placing the order.

Personal information works for:

1>Register as a member of UkiMart.com to enjoy the member service.

2>Delivery products that you purchase online to your location.

3>Prevent fraud and bill you for your purchases.

4>Confirm the orders

5>Respond to your customer-service inquiries or requests

6>Communicate great values and featured items to you

7>Find and stock the products you want

8>Send you promotion products info or your interested items’ latest info with your wish.

Personal information protected

The passwords is the key to login UkiMart. Please keep it confidential. Nobody or party including us UkiMart has no right to get your passwords.

Once you’re aware of that the passwords are revealed, please rush to reset it or contact us for ID closing.