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Payment Method

PayPal and Credit Card are acceptable only.


A: Our Paypal ID is payment@ukimart.com

B: Paypal Destination:

Paypal system includes the destination address of buyer, please enter your post address by Paypal, we will send product to the address according to Paypal system.

C: Any currency of money are acceptable, such as EUR(€), USD($), GBP(£), RMB(¥), etc.

We take www.xe.com as the basic exchange rate review.


Situation One: Payment by USD directly, customer changes currency to USD before payment.

If the local&Paypal currency of customer is not USD, customer needs to exchange local currency to USD, Paypal will charge customer 2.5%-3% as commission of exchange. In this way, customer pays the real amount of UkiMart USD price.


Situation Two: Payment by currency which is not USD, no exchange to USD before payment. 

Paypal could accept nearly all kinds of currency for payment, due to the basic currency is USD, every other currency exchange will be charged 2.5% commission by Paypal. That means the final amount arrival Ukimart will be 2.5% less. That´s why we adjust 2.5% more in exchange rate.


Conclusion: Minimum 2.5% is the fixed cost for using Paypal to do payment.


2>Credit Card

If you don’t have Paypal but have credit card, the payment could be done by credit card via Paypal as well. Please follow up the steps of Paypal.