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A> Purchasing

For normal purchasing processing and details at UkiMart.com, please link to: https://www.ukimart.com/shopping_online.Below are the FAQ and answers about purchasing:

Q1>UkiMart Website is open 24-7-365?

A1>Yes, UkiMart website is open every day without holiday. Order and payment can be processed every second according to your convenient time.

Q2>Is there any MOQ(minimum order quantity) or limitation of my order?

A2>There is no MOQ for all products. 1 piece or bulk quantity are both accepted. And price will be lower according to bulk quantity.

Q3>How can I review the history and status of my order?

A3>Please login ‘My Account’ on UkiMart, it shows all your orders status and histories are never deleted.

Q4>May I change item, add item after payment is done?

A4>Yes, please contact us within 12 hours after payment is done. We will hold your parcel delivery and change or add items according to your idea.

Q5>Can I cancel the order?

A5>Yes, the order could be canceled within 12 hours after payment. If the delivery has been processed, the order can not be canceled.




For payment details and processing ways, please link to:https://www.ukimart.com/payment

Below are the FAQ and answers about payments.

Q1>Security of Paypal? What is the advantage?

A1>Yes. PayPal uses SSL technology to keep your information safe. Paypal adopted his own regulation to security money and reception of product. Worldwide used and popular.

In addition, when you send a payment via PayPal, the recipient won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number. In this way, you don't have to worry about paying people whom you don't know. PayPal doesn't expose or sell your financial information to any merchant. Furthermore, if you do not receive the products which you paid for, PayPal offers you charge back or refund protection.

Q2>What is the Paypal Account of UkiMart?

A2>Paypal Account of UkiMart is: payment@ukimart.com

Q3>How to sign up a Paypal account?

A3>Steps are:

1.Click the Sign Up https://www.PayPal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_registration-run  at the top of any PayPal page.
2. Select the country or region where you live from the drop-down menu.
3. Choose the type of account that works best for you.
4. Fill out the form and follow the online instructions.
Any question, you can contact local PayPal branch window by visiting:
https://www.PayPal.com, Please choose your country and Language in the top right of website.

Q4>How to pay by my Credit Card through Paypal?

A4>Yes, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are linked to PayPal.  Your credit card number will never be exposed.

Q5>I don’t have Paypal, may I choose my convenient way of payment? What are possible payment methods?

A5>Yes,for the details, please check this link: https://www.ukimart.com/payment

Q6>Who will be responsible for the payment commission?

A6>By Paypal: UkiMart will pay the Paypal commission.

By Other Ways: Customer will be responsible for the remitting end commission. UkiMart will be responsible for the receiving end commission.

Q7>How to confirm my payment is done successfully?

A7>By Paypal: Paypal system will give you a confirmation feedback after the payment is done.

By other ways of payment: please contact us with payment details by email: https://www.ukimart.com/payment

Q8>What should I do after payment?

A8>Please keep an eye on your email box or offer us your telephone number when ordering, we will contact you for any updated information.

Q9>How to get discount code & coupon?

A9>We offer USD5 coupon for first buying customers. Discount code is offered for bulk quantity buyer, please write us for them. There will be surprises!

Q10>How to use discount code & coupon?

A10>Step 1. Add all the items that you want to purchase into your shopping cart.
Step 2. Choose a shipping method that you prefer.
Step 3. Input your coupon code at the specified place shown below in red circle if you have coupons, then your order amount will be automatically detracted with the coupon code amount.
Step 4. Check out with PayPal or other payment terms..

Q11>How long will be valid my discount code & coupon? Any Limitation?

A11> There maybe some requirements to use a coupon and there is usually description on the coupon code sent to you or we’ll communicate it with you when it is released. The requirements include:
-The expiration time (6 months/12 months)
-Amount limitation for the order (equal or over a specific amount)

Q12>Seems the exchange rate is higher than www.xe.com? 

A12>Situation One: Payment by USD directly, customer changes currency to USD before payment. 

If the local&Paypal currency of customer is not USD, customer needs to exchange local currency to USD, Paypal will charge customer 2.5%-3% as commission of exchange. In this way, customer pays the real amount of UkiMart USD price.  

Situation Two: Payment by currency which is not USD, no exchange to USD before payment. Paypal could accept nearly all kinds of currency for payment, due to the basic currency is USD, every other currency exchange will be charged 2.5% commission by Paypal. That means the final amount arrival Ukimart will be 2.5% less. That´s why we adjust 2.5% more in exchange rate.  

Conclusion: Minimum 2.5% is the fixed cost for using Paypal to do payment. 

C>Shipment & Delivery

Please review Information & details of shipment & delivery by linking to:

Below are FAQ and answers:

Q1>How long it will take for the parcel delivery from UkiMart to my location?

A1>According to different destination and parcel weight, we choose proper delivery service. Time efficiency are:

7-10 days: Middle America, South America.Africa

6-10 days:Europe, North America, Middle East

5-6 days: Southeast Asia, Australia

Q2>How to trace my order?

A2>Tracking number and delivery company will be shown on UkiMart after delivery is processed. Please enter the tracking number into the tracing website of the delivery company. Please link to our instruction: https://www.ukimart.com/shipment

Q3>When will be available the tracking number ?

A3>Once the parcel is shipped from UkiMart, the tracking number will be shown on UkiMart.

Q4>Why the page of UkiMart shows ‘Shipped’, but no tracing number?

A4>UkiMart processes packaging product, and transfer those parcels to courier within 24 hours. After leaving the office of UkiMart, these parcels will be shown ‘Shipped’ on UkiMart.com

Couriers need time to do pre-shipping operation job before website tracking online. During this period, no tracing number is offered, neither showing online on the relevant shipping company website, the exact online time will be different depending on different shipping method you chose.

EU EXPRESS: Online time will be 1 working day after ‘shipped’ date.

Netherlands’ post: Online time will be 1-2 working days after ‘shipped’ date.

Singapore’ post: Online time will be 1-2 working days after ‘shipped’ date.

Q5>The tracking number is not working online, what should I do?

A5>Please write us for the issue, we will help to check with courier for manual tracing.


Q6>All the parcels are bought insurance for the delivery?

A6>Yes, we buy insurance for all the parcels’ delivery to maximum protect the benefits of customers.

Q7>What couriers will be?

A7> We keep an eye on the most efficient way of delivery to every country. They will be those reliable ones: EU Express, DHL, UPS,TNT. HK post, Singapore Post,etc.


Q8>How does UkiMart choose the delivery company?

A8>Generally, we choose the proper delivery method according the destination and parcel weight.


Q9>May I choose the different delivery company by myself?

A9>Yes, please choose it when ordering. Details of alternatives are shown on the page of payments.

Q10>What should I do if I don’t receive the parcel after waiting for the reasonable period of transfer time?

A10>Please check with our after-sale service team for solution.

Q11>What should I do if the parcel is missing on the way to my location?

A11>Please contact the local delivery company to confirm the missing, we will check at our end as well. After the missing is confirmed, we will send the product at second time freely.


Q12>If somebody else signs reception of parcel and he/she doesn’t give it to me?

A12>Please make sure that the location of consignee is reliable, and all possible person who could sign your parcel are reliable, we could not help you for this unpleasant issue.


Q13>Why do I only get a partial of orders, where are the others?

A13>We do partial shipment in order to easier the delivery, such as weight limitation of partial, lack of item. The other items will arrival in another parcels.

D>Tax Duty & VAT

Q1>Should I pay importance tax duty and VAT?

A1>That’s depending. We will choose the best possible way to lighten the cost of customers according to the update marketing.

For European customers, we suggest EU Express without importance tax duty neither VATA. Countries are:

(1)Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria.

(2)Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, Greece.

(3)United States, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Russia

(4)Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore

If other shipping methods are chose, there will be tax duty or&and VAT.


Q3>Will UkiMart help me to do customs clearance?

A3>UkiMart chooses the proper courier with TO DOOR service for customers, no need for customer to do customs clearance, but the consignee are obligatory to offer documents for customs clearance operation if courier asks you to offer them. Please contact UkiMart before offering documents to courier to avoid any customs problem and extra importance tax duty & VAT.

E>Warranty & Replacement

Please review Information & details of warranty & replacement by linking to:

Below are FAQ and answers about Warranty & Replacement:

Q1>All products are guaranteed?

A1>Yes, no doubt, UkiMart always offers nice quality product with guarantee.

Q2>What service could I get during guarantee period?

a)Free replacement according to replacement condition.

b)Free repairing service.

c)Free technology support of products.

For details, please link to:


Q3>What should I do with the problem beyond guarantee time?

A3>Please contact us for solution. We will offer our technical suggestion and do repairing job with cost paid buy customers.

F>Return & Repair & Refund

Please review information & details of Return & Repair & Refund by linking to:https://www.ukimart.com/return_repair

Below are FAQ and answers about Return & Repair & Refund:

Q1>Could I send back the products which I thought with problem to UkiMart without noticing Ukimart in advance?

A1>We suggest not sending back products to UkiMart without noticing. Cause some problems could be solved without sending back. And some information should be checked before returning, such as what the problem exactly is, the product is out of guarantee or no, etc.

Please send us RMA request for return, there will be a RMA tracing number to do the following operation.

Q2>Where should I return the product for repairing?

A2>When RMA request is in operation, the address of return product will be offered.

Q3>How long will it take to repair my product?

A3>According to different problems, time of repairing are different together with round-trip delivery time. Our after-service team will estimated the time for you for your reference. Generally it can be repaired usually within 2-3 weeks.

Q4>Who pays delivery charge of sending product back to UkiMart and delivery repaired product to customer again?

A4>According to different time of return, the delivery charge will be paid by different party. Please check details linking to: https://www.ukimart.com/return_repair

Q5>Who pays the spare parts charge and repairing handing fee?

A5>According to different time of return, these charges will be paid by different party. Please check details linking to: https://www.ukimart.com/return_repair

Q6>After being repaired one time, the product works fail second time?

A6>Please contact us again for the problem, the rules & guarantee & delivery charge of solving problems at second time will be equal to first time.

Q8>What will be the payment method of refund?

Please check the details linking to:https://www.ukimart.com/refund

Q9>How long will it take to get my refund?

A9>Within 5 business days dated from we receive the return products.