For some time come already hearing rumors that Xiaomi and Meizu could be working on their own smarpthones with curved screen Edge to try to compete with Samsung models with this feature. Recently appeared the first alleged pictures of Meizu model with curved screen and today, filtered through social networks, have appeared the first so-called Xiaomi Edge data (we will call it thus from now on in this post). A user of Weibo has unveiled some so-called specifications that will have this smartphone and also some detail more than it has to do with other aspects like the release date.

Among the features that supposedly belong to this Xiaomi Edge, Weibo account has commented that the used display will be 5.7 inches, will feature technology OLED and will be manufactured by LG. In addition, also spoke of what processor could lead, being the designated Snapdragon 823. This chip would be accompanied by the 530 Adreno GPU, 6 GB of RAM. Finally, other detail of the hardware of this model which reviewed the filter is that the smartphone would have a double 12 megapixel rear camera.

Technical data that have transpired to have a very good and would fit perfectly with a moving top of Xiaomi, but should take into account that the filtration refers that it would not be until the spring of next year 2017 when this phone would come out to the light, so it is missing even one year and then these specifications may now not be so interesting.

I personally think too soon to start rumors about a model that supposedly will not come up within a year, because at that time things can change much and what is valid today, within a few months can have no validity.

Anyway, from here we will keep us abreast of all innovations that arise on this topic to inform you promptly and you are those who bring forth your own conclusions.